2018 Medidata NEXT China Conference

2019-01-04 13:17:41

  • Organizer: CR Medicon
  • Co-Organizer: Medidata
  • Date & Time: 2018-07-13 00:00:00
  • Location: Jiangning District, Nanjing
  • About: Full-range preclinical one-stop services, from LEADs (lead compounds), PCCs (preclinical candidate compounds), to IND (application for clinical research approvals) in China and around the world.

This year's Medidata NEXT China Conference focused on opening up a new era in clinical trials and is designed to provide guests with an opportunity to design, execute, manage and witness the entire process of clinical development in an interactive environment. Representatives from 351 Medidata China partner companies attended the conference to discuss topics such as clinical trial data analysis, global supervision and validation of clinical IT systems, and effective management strategies for clinical trial projects.

As a fast growing clinical trial CRO company, CR Medicon is invited to attend the event as a key vendor partner. Our exhibition focused on the company's progress and achievements in data management and statistical fields and gave guests an understanding in the innovation and prospects of CR Medicon's data management and statistical science. In this conference, our booth attracted great attention from the participants, where many companies stopped by to listen, to interact and to receive consultation with our team on site. This event deepened mutual understanding between us and other enterprises and laid a solid foundation for further cooperation.

As a certified partner of Medidata, the world's largest provider of EDC systems, CR Medicon's data statistics team has grown to over 80 people. We have extensive experience in Phase I-III, BE, real-world research data management and statistics, and rich know-how in projects across US and China as well as in CDISC implementations.  Our team has completed many research data management and statistical analysis projects for FDA and EMA submissions. Standardized operations on the Medidata platform further strengthened CR Medicon's capabilities in early and bioequivalence (BE) research fields. 

This exhibition effectively deepened industry colleagues' understanding of CR Medicon and demonstrated our outstanding technical service capabilities. CR Medicon took the opportunity in this exhibition and is collaborating with all resources with the goal of providing our clients with more professional, high-quality and convenient services. Standing out of the fierce competition in the medical field, CR Medicon team is providing high-quality solutions to our clients with professional technical capabilities and a positive attitude.