Our Advantage

Since our inception, CR Medicon has been committed to providing clients with high-quality and high-efficiency clinical development services to help clients achieve their goals faster. Always being customer-centric, our mission is to meeting and exceeding client expectations. Our philosophy is to build a diversified service system to ensure the quality and progress of clients’ drug research and development. We adhere to the customer-oriented, cost-effective professional services, and are committed to becoming the preferred CRO provider for pharmaceutical and medical device companies.

CR Medicon’s technical team fully understands the characteristics of China’s local market and expands our further development through our extensive domestic collaboration network with differentiating competitive advantages. We provide domestic and overseas pharmaceutical companies with comprehensive professional services localized in China. CR Medicon has established a Sino-US cross-country service platform, fully compliant with GCP, registration regulations (documents, etc.), and our internal operating standards. Fully acknowledgeable and experienced in clinical trial international practices and guiding principles, we organize and implement clinical trial development in accordance with all applicable global standards.

CR Medicon signed strategic partnership agreements with Sun Technology Cloud and Pharmaron. We are integrating Sun Tech Cloud’s eCTD submission system, the first Chinese version developed domestically in China, to help Chinese and US clients accelerate development and registration of innovative drugs. Pharmaron’s business segments cover drug synthesis and screening, pre-clinical trials, etc. The introduction of Pharmaron as a partner will create a synergistic effect, forming a complete industry chain from early drug discovery to drug registration and commercialization. CR Medicon is having long-term and in-depth collaborations with these two well-known companies in drug discovery, preclinical experiments, clinical trials, drug registration, eCTD submission, etc. By working together, we’ll jointly promote pragmatic cooperations in the field of new drug research and development, and achieve synergy and win-win; This partnership also saves clients energy and time in finding service partners for different projects and phases, which in turn promotes more efficient use of resources achieving cost savings, streamlined communications, and resource integration.

CR Medicon collaborates with a large number of experts and researchers, who are highly professional and well-regarded in their fields and specialties. We also maintain close contact with departments and experts in different disease areas of major hospitals. Our management visit and exchange information with relevant centers and experts, resulting in great collaborations and partnership in projects, research papers, sharing of academic and expertise resources.

The establishment of the CR Medicon’s Bioanalytical Laboratory complements our integrated clinical trial development layout and created our one-stop service chain for small-molecule drug clinical trials and BE experiments. The laboratory supports a full range of clinical sample bioanalytical services: including comprehensive advanced analytical method development, analytical method validation, and sample analysis. Since our lab’s inception, we have been providing accurate and high-quality analytical services to clients in the fields of small-molecule chemical drug clinical and generic drug bioequivalence experiments. The bioanalysis in this process strictly follows FDA/NMPA GLP specifications and is fully compliant with all audit requirements.

CR Medicon is managed by an industry-leading core management team and an experienced operations team, both including a group of elites from the industry. Our team members came mainly from domestic and international pharmaceutical companies at the forefront of research and development. We have established SOPs in line with international standards, are continuously improving our quality assurance and data management systems, and have accumulated extensive experience in the industry. CR Medicon has gathered excellent clinical medical resources and expertise resources, including well-known experts from NMPA, FDA, global pharmaceutical companies and CROs, and are providing strong backing for our clinical research protocol design and technical and policy consulting services.