Bioanalytical Lab Testing

Bioanalytical Lab Testing

Biological Sample Analysis

CR Medicon heavily invested and established in China a state-of-the-art biological sample analysis laboratory with advanced equipment and management standards. Our team has the industry's leading drug metabolism scientists and experienced operational management.  Combined with our global strategic partnership, our excellent bioanalytical capabilities and our industry resources across China, US and Europe, CR Medicon's biological sample analysis team timely delivers for our clients research results, monitors regulatory trends, provides timely feedback to client issues as well as providing specialized solutions.  We operate strictly in accordance with the quality system defined in the "Laboratory Management Guidelines for Biological Sample Analysis In Drug Clinical Trials."


  • Method Development
  • Method Verification
  • Biological sample analysis
  • Biological sample storage


  • FDA and NMPA GLP-compliant biological sample analysis laboratory (1000 sq. meters)
  • Watson LIMS Lab Management System
  • 8 LC-MS/MS systems, including 6 AB Sciex 5500 Mass Spectrometry systems and 2 AB Sciex 6500s; 8 HPLCs, including 4 Waters UPLC I Classes and 4 Shimadzu LC-30As
  • Excellent research and lab management teams, providing rapid method development and verification
  • Complete SOP management system
  • Rapid and efficient turnaround